Global Culinary Traditions for Food Techs (CA)


$1,300 RCA members

Culinary Institute of America at Greystone

There’s no denying the appeal of unraveling the mysteries behind the culinary traditions of distant lands, from Southeast Asia to South America to the Mediterranean Basin. In this specialized five-day, 30-contact-hour, hands-on training program, RCA specialists, teamed with top-notch CIA chef-instructors - will explore with participants some of the common threads and the diverse differences that have defined these cuisines throughout history. You will also:

  • Make dynamic flavors come alive by utilizing fresh aromatic ingredients to create exotic regional dishes.
  • Use specialty ingredients and employ strategies for working with spices to add complexity and depth of flavor to recipes.
  • Understand why, in today's foodservice arena, traditional flavors and flavor combinations continue to form the backbone of popular gastronomy. 

Taking part in this workshop will expand your culinary arts knowledge and help you become a more well-rounded professional.  In addition, if you are interested in becoming a Certified Culinary Scientist (CCS), participation in this workshop and the RCA-CIA culinary and baking arts series will help in preparation for the certification exam.

Workshop fees include the cost of the class, breakfast, lunch, a course textbook, and a class photograph.

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