Culinology® Poster Presentations

The RCA Education Committee welcomes professional and student members of the Research Chefs Association to engage in a learning environment that supports quality interaction and a continuous exchange of ideas and new developments by submitting abstracts for a Culinology® Poster Presentation, held March 11-14, 2014 at the RCA Annual Conference and Culinology Expo in Portland, OR. 

2014 Poster Presentation Winners: 

Product Development: Student Member
“Development of Low Sodium, Nutrient Dense, Hosindas”
Kansas State University – Danielle Conover, Alex Maxwell, Cara Dennis, Yuda Ou, Kelly Getty, and Jayendra Amamcharla

Scientific Research: Student Member
“Evaluation of Quality and Shelf Life of Whole Crawfish in Refrigerated and Frozen Storage”
Louisiana State University – John Shackelford, L.E. Lampila, K.W. McMillin

Innovative Concept – Professional Member
“Evaluation Instrument of Culinarians of Knowledge of Nutrition Science and Trends”
Clemson University and Johnson and Wales – Margaret D Condrasky, N Abdulaslam, J Sharp, M.E. Moorachian, A Coffee

Scientific Research: Professional Member
“Cognitive Analysis on Highly Reputable Japanese and French Cuisine Chefs in Creating New Dishes”
Food Sensory Research Group, Frontier Labs, Institute for Innovation, Ajinomoto Co. Inc – Hiroya Kawasaki, Chinatsu Kasamatsu, Masahiko Nonaka

Product Development: Professional Member
“Innovative Food Product Development using Molecular Gastronomy; A Focus on Flavor and Sensory Evaluation”
Dublin Institute of Technology – Mark Traynor, Roisin Burke, Catherine Barry-Ryan

2013 Poster Presentation Winners:

Product Development by a Student Member
"Development of Novel Flavored Ice Cream Products: The Who and Why of Consumer Acceptability" by Mark Traynor, Roisin Burke & Catherine Barry-Ryan, Dublin Institute of Technology
Scientific Research by a Student Member
"Mechanism of Meat Tenderization" by Dahlia Suriaatmaja & Tyler Lanier, North Carolina State University
Innovative Concept by Student Member
Food Science Clue: Developing a problem-solving game for Culinology and Food Science Students" by JoAnna Gorcesky, John McGregor & Julie Northcutt, Clemson University
Scientific Research by Professional Member
"A Competency Model for Culinology Graduates: Evaluation of the Research Chefs Association's Bachelor of Science in Culinology Core Competencies" by Michael S.H. Cheng & R.H. Bosselman
Innovative Concept by Professional Member
"Answering Consumers' new Definitions of Health" by Eric Stangarone & Jeff Decker

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