Creating a Buzz... With Insects

Panel on insects in food and feed (emphasis on food).  Insects are a sustainable food source for people and livestock already eaten by around 2 billion people globally. Learn more about how insects are being grown and used in ways to overcome the "ick" factor.

Competencies: Knowledge of General Nutrition (e.g., essential nutrients, USDA guidelines, micro and macro nutrients), Knowledge of the Application of Nutrition Knowledge (e.g., labels, recipes, healthy eating recommendations), Knowledge of Current Nutrition Trends, Knowledge of Multicultural Product Requirements (e.g., Kosher, Halal), Knowledge of Purchasing (e.g., finance management, vendor management), Knowledge of Functional Ingredients (e.g., acidulants, flow agents, preservatives, enzymes), Knowledge of Proteins (e.g., meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, plant proteins)

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