Tour of Chocolate: A Guided Tasting

The guided tasting will be an inclusive chocolate experience provided by Barry Callebaut R&D Technical Culinary Application Chef Gabrielle Draper. In this session, Chef Gabrielle will use her experience and wealth of knowledge to pull back the curtain and give you an insider’s view on application ideas and critical chocolate topics, including:

• Percentage of cocoa mass and how it can affect flavor/functionality.

• Origin chocolates vs. blended chocolates.

• Flavor and functionality differences of chocolate ingredients such as milk powders, vanilla/vanillin.

• Influence of dextrose on chocolate.

• Selection: choosing chocolate versus a compound product.

• And, of course, free chocolate!

Competencies: Knowledge of Principles of Cooking (e.g., heat transferCore Competency, cooking methods, breading/batters, Knowledge of Culinary Fundamentals and Production Systems, Knowledge of Food Service Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Tools, Knowledge of Regional and World Cuisines (including preparation, spicing and presentation), Knowledge of Baking and Pastry, Knowledge of Candies and Confectionaries


2018 Conference Attendees $0

Members $30

Non-Members $50

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