Applications for the New FDA Sugar Labeling Law

Speaker: Jim Painter (University of Texas Houston)

With ever increasing demands from consumers for clean labels, manufacturers are looking to remove ingredients that consumers either don’t understand or think are unhealthy and replace these with “whole-food”, nutritious ingredients. One of the main ingredients consumers are trying to limit is added sugar. By using “whole-food” natural ingredients, chefs can remove added sugar and instead use natural sweeteners that are recognized and liked by consumers.

This presentation will share techniques to use fruit ingredients, and non-nutritive sweeteners or low-calorie sweeteners in place of added sugar. Using fruit ingredients not only decreases added sugars

but also increases the nutritional value of products by adding fiber and micronutrients. When consumers ask for comfort desserts and snacks that bring them memories of their grandmother’s kitchen, chefs can turn to fruit ingredients to help them provide the same comfort foods, with an improved nutritional profile.

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