Associate Product Developer at CCD Innovation

Organization: CCD Innovation
Position: Associate Product Developer
Location: Emeryville, CA

Employee Type: Full-time

Key Responsibilities:

  • Formulate benchtop food and beverage products with taste as the primary qualitative driver. Simultaneously have a deep understanding of commercial processing, food stability/shelf-life, ingredient costs, nutritional targets and packaging considerations.
  • Understand and apply culinary principles to benchtop product development.
  • Basic knowledge of restaurant/food service operations and benchtop translation considerations to back of house.
  • Industry baking and pastry experience is a plus
  • Leverage a previously established robust network of suppliers to sourcing new ingredient. Build upon and maintain this network with your own resources.
  • Knowledge of consumer insights and ability to refine products based on qualitative and quantitative feedback.
  • Participate in and act as R&D lens in client ideation sessions
  • Develop products within specific nutritional and ingredient guidelines; generate preliminary nutritional and ingredient statements using Genesis software as needed
  • Experience in the scale-up and commercialization of products in a wide variety of manufacturing locations is a plus
  • Maintain accurate project information, formulations, and specifications
  • Write finished product specifications and occasional project status reports
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple simultaneous projects
  • Work with a wide variety of client departments.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and ESHA (nutritional database) program
  • Up to 25% of time traveling domestically and occasionally internationally

Required Experience & Attributes:

  • The position requires critical and analytical thinker, in addition to good writing and communication skills. The Associate will help balance multiple projects and deadlines and must be organized, with excellent time-management skills. Strict professionalism in client presentations and client relationship management is required.
  • This role is ideal for an ambitious, energetic culinarian or Food Scientist with cooking experience. That experience may include culinary school, restaurant/bakery work, or a Food Science or Culinology curriculum. An excellent work ethic is a must, as is a love for food.
  • CCDI’s culture is a high energy, creative and teamwork environment with core values of quality, innovation, honesty, ethical integrity, customer service and loyalty and respect for colleagues and customers. These attributes are essential to the position.
  • Dedication and self-motivation, able to work closely within a high performing team, and take the initiative and ownership of their own work.
  • Passion for food and innovation.
  • Proven ability to work well in teams, trouble-shoot, manage details, juggle projects and thrive under pressure.
  • Have confidence interacting with a wide range of people at all levels of business.
  • Have a knack for bringing ideas from the whiteboard to market. Being able to communicate and collaborate with other teams to make your concept into reality.
  • Creatively and consistently excite and astound with new product ideas.
  • Great communication skills are a must, as you shall be working with other department teams in a fast-paced, high-volume environment.

General Requirements: Microsoft Office, Mac fluency, Analytical, Problem Solver, Strategic Thinker, Networking, Persuasion, Research, Writing, Telephone and Communications, Identification of Customer Needs and Challenges, Team Player, Market Knowledge and Professionalism.

Education: BS degree in Food Science or related field, Culinology degree/certification, or equivalent Culinary degree.

Work Experience:

  • 1-2 years as product developer.
  • 2 years culinary arts experience.
  • Baking experience a plus. Formal culinary training a plus.

Compensation: Based on experience
Company Website:
To Apply: Send resume to Marc Halperin at

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