Beverage Landscape Review for an On-Trend Beverage Menu

Speaker: Andy Dratt (Imbibe)

The functional beverage category is projected to grow, and the innovation we witness comes in the form of increasingly sophisticated formulations that highlight newly discovered (or often re-discovered) benefits of ingredients. Some consumers are striving to figure out what beverages are delivering the nutrients and functions they’re after and are demanding better-for-you options in the form of lower-calorie, reduced-sugar, and more naturally positioned products. Others gravitate towards the instagrammable, novel and indulgent (though not necessarily mutually exclusive).

This session will highlight some of the hottest beverage categories and feature some of the most disruptive products that are blazing the trail for future innovation. In addition to inspiring new product offerings through an overview of on-trend products (many of which fall in the functional category), real-world case studies will be presented to demonstrate strategies to enhance foodservice beverage offerings that address consumers’ ever-changing demands. Throughout this session, we will explore both popular and less well-known ingredients, how these ingredients manifest in beverages, and how the market will change in the next several years. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the most prevalent beverage trends, functional and versatile ingredients and novel technologies to incorporate into their menu to help capture a wider segment of consumers and ultimately increase sales. 

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