Culinary Researcher Intern at Cornucopia Inc.

Organization: Cornucopia Inc.
Job Position: Culinary Researcher Intern
Job Location: London, England (remote opportunity) 

Job Description: Startup looking for a chef that is capable of providing a passionate and wholesome perspective on cuisines; to capture the traditional essence of dishes meanwhile providing us with a creative guide to navigate food in general. Interested in technology and food. Will be asked to provide us with data regarding the various types of recipes and their respectable variations. Role is to act as a food ambassador to our company providing us with documentable reason behind the integrity of the knowledge they have acquired. Basically any food related information is desirable, be it culturally, historically, or scientifically oriented. The end goal is to provide our programmers with enough information to incorporate into an artificial intelligence program to be able to provide human customers with the correct tools to cook, mimic and identify the culinary secret laws of the food world.

Education: Science, math, statistics, culture, writing
Compensation: TBD
Company Overview: Food Tech
To Apply: Contact Hamza Shoman at


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