Culinology Currents, June 27, 2019

Get the latest news and updates from the Research Chefs Association.

Get the latest news and updates from the Research Chefs Association.

Our Community Is Better With You
As a member of this vibrant community of food industry professionals dedicated to advancing Culinology®, you can take advantage of one of the many benefits that RCA offers. From the RCA Conference and certification to the online discussion forum and unique local events, RCA is your association — and your community.
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What Inspired You to Become a Chef?
Do you often get the question 'What inspired you to become a chef?' For Chef Alexa McKay from Tyson Foods, themed parties in high school with food at the heart of each event inspired her to enroll in culinary school and become a chef. From there, Alexa discovered the Research Chefs Association and attended her first conference in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011 where she found her tribe.
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The Workforce Is Sizzlin' This Summer
Now that school is out, college graduates are heading into the workforce looking to make a name for themselves in the food industry. Discover emerging and top culinary arts and food science professionals by posting a job on RCA's Employment Network!
The Employment Network is an online listing of up-to-date job opportunities that offers a targeted approach to hiring for companies and recruiters seeking candidates who are committed to the food research and development industry segment. Secure emerging and top industry talent for your company today!
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Bring on the Fats
"Without fat, many foods lack substance. Fat dissolves and concentrates flavors and aromas, and depending on the source, may bring its own flavors to a recipe. Think: buttery croissant, coconut cream curry and sesame oil stir-fry.
Today’s food professionals are exploring the functionality of an extensive range of animal, plant and even microbial fats. While use of some specialty products is limited in commercial food manufacturing because of cost and shortened shelf due to oxidative breakdown, that’s not stopping chefs from getting creative with these and other alternative fats."
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Thursday, October 3 - Friday, October 4
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Wednesday, April 15 - Friday, April 17, 2020
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