Development Chef at Tall Hat Foods

Organization: Tall Hat Foods
Job Position: Development Chef
Job Location: Orem, Utah, US

Employee Type: Full-time

Job Description: We are seeking an experienced and talented Research and Development (R&D) Chef for the Tall Hat Foods Culinary & Operations team. We’re looking for a customer-centric leader who is passionate about Culinology and can help us continue to delight our customer base. The R&D Chef will be responsible for managing the design and delivery of R&D projects at the ingredient level with a focus on bringing flavors and consistency to customers at scale through our unique business model. The R&D Chef will provide technical guidance and business recommendations to senior management for strategic business decisions. The R&D Chef is a member of the firm’s Safe, Quality Food Initiative and participates in all Quality Assurance protocols.

Development Chef responsibilities include:

  1. Liaise, schedule, and execute production with other production managers.
  2. Organize workflow and benchtop development to meet specifications and deadlines.
  3. Ensure quality standards fulfill finished product physical properties measurements.
  4. Meet with clients to determine needs and “go” and “no go” development status.
  5. Develop, maintain, and champion HACCP best practices in kitchen operations.
  6. Liaise and facilitate regulatory compliance with on-site USDA FSIS Inspector.
  7. Lead out in the establishment, maintenance, and improvement of quality assessment & improvement.
  8. Maintain open communication with peers and management.
  9. Become an expert in our customers’ taste and dietary preferences.
  10. Lead new product development process from concept through commercialization including: ingredient identification, ingredient sourcing and procurement, pricing, labeling, allergen screening, HACCP production planning, packaging, microbial testing, and shipping coordination.
  11. Design, lead, and implement technical development programs to drive innovative thinking, product idea incubation and new product design that fit the unique, innovative, trending, and next generation challenges and opportunities of our customers and industry.
  12. Innovate and develop new products based on a thorough understanding of formulation, food safety, next generation food ingredients, customer trends, and production techniques.
  13. Define and communicate product design criteria to strategic trade partners including, vendors, manufacturer’s, suppliers, service providers, and clients.


  1. A degree in Food Science with 3-5 years practical culinary product development and/or a Culinary Arts degree with 3-5 years practical food science product development experience, or its equivalent is required to qualify for this position.
  2. Possess an educational degree (BA) leading to a fundamental understanding of food science and culinary arts (Culinology) in the role of quality assurance, sensory evaluation, and product development.
  3. Progress toward Culinary Scientist Certification (CCS) or Food Scientist Certification, highly preferred.

Work Experience:

  1. Willingly and ably engage in the work and process of development and manufacturing.
  2. Demonstrate experience in using teams in discerning challenges, developing strategies, and creating solutions to generate client victories.
  3. Possess four (4) to seven (7) year’s involvement creating client-based solutions addressing production challenges through proprietary product development.
  4. Demonstrate and develop feasible HACCP and Food Safety Plans that met regulatory and SQF protocols.

Intangible Traits of Successful Applicants for this Role within Tall Hat Foods

  1. Be happy and committed to learning and sharing your understanding with others.
  2. Be a practitioner of your craft as well as a coach, a mentor and teacher.
  3. Lead and create betterment, even when you are not in charge.
  4. Create “Yes” responses to opportunities, requests, and potential challenges.
  5. Ask for help when you need it and ask for instructions when you don’t understand.
  6. Commit to correctly actualize tasks the first time- “measure twice, cook once.”
  7. Own quality, safety, and best operating practices in development & manufacturing.
  8. Maintain excellent product development notes and paper trails.
  9. Ably complete and shuffle paperwork.
  10. Improve continuously.
  11. Have fun.
  12. Be kind.

Preferred Designations: CCS - Certified Culinary Scientist

Compensation: $50,000 to $65,000 DOE

Company Overview: Tall Hat Foods is a proprietary food products development & manufacturing company.

Relocation Program: Negotiable

To Apply: Qualified Applicants should submit a resume or CV to along with a brief letter of intent describing their unique positioning for this role at Tall Hat Foods. Please include "RCA Development Chef Applicant - (Insert Your Name)" in the subject.

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