Food Engineer Intern at CREA

Organization: CREA
Internship: Food Engineer Intern
Job Location: Sterling, VA

Job Description:

  1. Research and application of scientific methods to improve new and existing recipes, products, equipment and processes for internal studies and consulting purposes.
  2. Establish and review testing procedures to ensure proper analysis methods are accurately followed, establish and maintain records of all tests performed for internal studies and consulting purposes.
  3. Contribute to studies in relation to biology, microbiology, biochemistry and engineering disciplines in relation to food science to increase CREA services and training material.
  4. Assist in studies and culinary training programs with focus on Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Sous-Vide.
  5. Assist in preparing and serving food innovation presentations for guests visiting the test kitchen.
  6. Verify sanitary condition of CREA test kitchen and equipment at beginning and end of shift based on established procedures and report any problems.
  7. Performing other duties as may be assigned by management.

Education/Experience: Student in a Master's or Bachelor’s Program in Food Science, Food Chemistry or a related field. Experience with specialized equipment and software common in a food laboratory such as measurement devices and meters, chemicals, filtration, and cooking device. Knowledge of food safety, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), and basic food regulatory requirements; ability to work independently as well as in teams; possess professional demeanor and image; self-motivated with proven time management skills; ability to work independently as well as in teams.

Company Overview:

To Apply: Contact AJ Schaller, Executive Chef

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