Foodservice Best Practice in Collaborative Innovation

Speaker(s): Tim Hand (Kinetic12 Consulting), LeAnne Garoutte (Kinetic12 Consulting), Marshall Scarborough (Wendy's), Justin Kanthak (Griffith Foods), Jaime Mestan (Vienna Beef)

Is there a better way to drive great innovation between suppliers and operators? Yes, there is! And collaboration is the key. Hear about an exciting new industry best practice called “Foodservice Collaborative Innovation”, developed by a board of 35 manufacturers and chain operators, and the RCA. This best practice was designed to foster and guide improved cross-functional relationships between operators and suppliers to create relevant new products and services to build consumer satisfaction and demand. You will walk away with key learnings to activate within your organization.

Partners from Kinetic12 Consulting, LeAnne Garoutte and Tim Hand, who led this best practice in conjunction with the RCA, will talk with 3 industry innovation experts who were on the best practice development board.

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