Meet a Re-elected Board Member – Anh Nguy

Anh.jpgAnh Nguy is one of the re-elected board members who serves as vice president for the RCA Board of Directors.

Anh Project Leader in the Culinology® Group of the Customer Solutions & Product Innovation Technical Services at Ingredion Incorporated.

As a Culinologist, Anh supports the Go-To-Market Team and other business functions to promote plant based clean label texturizers, specialty sweeteners and nutritional food ingredients in a variety of culinary applications and formulations.

Get to know Anh, and find out what made her want to become a board member, what he loves most about RCA and his favorite meal.

What made you want to become a board member?  

I wanted to become a board member for a long while but didn't feel like I had enough knowledge about RCA functions and activities and the support from my employer to make the move for it.  Not until when I joined Ingredion was where I felt I had full support and commitment from my company to run for the board position.  My passion for and the feeling of belonging to RCA and the encouragement from my manager and past RCA President, Janet Carver, made me want to become a board member.  I want to make a positive impact for the members and new prospects to use RCA as a resource for their professional and personal development.      

What is your favorite thing about RCA?  

My favorite thing about RCA is the feeling of belonging and everyone is friendly and easy to talk to.  RCA is also a great resource for networking and knowledge sharing with industry peers.  I look forward to the annual conference and the competitions that the sponsors support.  Now that I am a board member I understand the importance and impact of support from our partners and sponsors are to RCA.  

What is your favorite meal?  

My favorite meal is a big bowl of steaming hot Ox Tail Beef Pho Noodle with fresh Thai basil, culantro, cilantro, bean sprout,  a few slices of habanero pepper, and fresh squeezed lime juice. Hoisin and Sriracha hot sauces are on the side to dip with.    

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