Meet a Re-elected Board Member – Jason Behrends, Ph.D., CCS®

Jason.jpgDr. Jason Behrends is one of the re-elected board members who serves as president for the RCA Board of Directors.

He is a R&D Director of PDM Business Strategy at the Tyson Foods Discovery Center in Springdale, Arkansas.

His current role is leading the product data management team and onboarding of acquisitions into the GSM system. Jason also coordinates the Culinology® internal training program at Tyson Foods to help insure the continued growth of Culinology® as a part of Tyson Foods Culture. During his time at Tyson Foods he has helped grow the Tyson Foods RCA membership from 60 to 115 members.

Get to know Jason, and find out what made him want to become a board member, what he loves most about RCA and his favorite meal.

What made you want to become a board member?  

When I became more involved with RCA through the Education Committee while being the Faculty Advisor to the Student Culinology Teams at Mississippi State University, I found myself wanting to be more involved.  I was fortunate to be a pre-con speaker and part of the education committee early in my RCA membership and when I moved back to the industry I found even more ways RCA could feed my passion for product development, including our great regional events.  All of this lead me to seek out a position on the RCA Board to help fulfill the organization’s mission.  I am now so humbled to be given the opportunity to be the RCA President and I look forward to working with the entire board and members to achieve our organization’s goals.

What is your favorite thing about RCA?  

There are so many great things about RCA. The RCA organization is a family and I have made some long lasting friendships that will last a lifetime. I know that I can call, email, use RCA Connect and even text members to find answers to challenges or just catch up. I love being part of this family.  

What is your favorite meal?  

As RCA members and product developers we are always looking to create experiences. Every meal creates an experience, but my favorite meal is simple, it is my Mom’s Meatloaf and Scalloped potatoes. It is simply home!  

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