Meet a Re-elected Board Member – Justin Kanthak

Meet a Re-elected Board Member –  Justin Kanthakgsfxdpfg.jpg

Justin Kanthak is one of re-elected board members who serves as secretary for the RCA Board of Directors.

Justin has grown through multiple positions across the country as a food scientist, corporate chef, culinary manager and national account sales manager. He is currently an account director for Griffith Foods Inc.

Get to know Justin, and find out what made him want to become a board member, what he loves most about RCA, and his favorite meal.

What made you want to become a board member?

I would have two answers that would be two ways to answer this question. With consideration to the fact that I have grown from a student member to an industry member in our organization, the RCA has granted me many connections which have been integral to my success in my career. To be successful you need to be connected with your peers as well as those leaders influencing our industry.  I have been on the receiving end of those relationships for the last fifteen years and now I have the opportunity to support & grow those new to the industry by influencing the organization.

Secondly, the RCA is at a crossroads from which will dictate the future growth of the organization. From new partnerships to refreshing our image, this has been an amazing time to serve our membership and the membership to come.  I am very lucky to be granted this opportunity from our members.

What is your favorite thing about RCA? 

Simply put, our members. Our membership is like nothing any other organization has to offer. Chefs, Product Developers, and Culinologists have significant influence over the food we eat while also being extremely passionate about the idea of eating. There are never dull moments with our membership and that cannot be understated.

What is your favorite meal?

That’s a tough question. I have a real appreciation for the veggie-centric movement from restaurants like Gjelina. In the city of Chicago, where steakhouses are prevalent, the idea of leading with proper and elevated veggie centered meals has opened many new avenues for food and flavor for me personally. With that consideration, my favorite meal today would be at dining at the table of someone with the zeal for creating without needing meat to anchor the plate.

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