Member Blog: 5 Tips for Regional Chairs

By Alexa McKay

  1. Get creative with your events and find unique ways to connect RCA with your local food community.
  2. Reach out to culinary schools and food science programs in your area. Find out how you can support each other to create a pipeline of homegrown talent for RCA companies in your region.
  3. Build strong relationship with your sponsors and get them involved with planning events. We have amazing sponsors! I can’t thank them enough for making our regional events possible.
  4. Don’t do it all by yourself! You may be the regional chair but that doesn’t mean all the work should fall on you. Put a strong committee together, find a co-chair, and delegate the workload. Having the support of RCA and other members is the best way to prevent burn out.
  5. Enjoy the journey! It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the role but look at it more like an opportunity to feed your culinary soul.

RCA Regions provide countless additional ways for members and industry professionals to get involved. Learn more about upcoming regional events.

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