Moonlite Bar-B-Q: A Unique Perspective on Innovation

Speaker: Patrick Bosley (Moonlite BBQ Inn INC)

Originating in 1963 as a 20-seat diner, Moonlite is a family owned Bar-B-Q company.  Over the decades Moonlite has grown to a 350 seat restaurant with a USDA processing facility for wholesale foods,  a mail order BBQ division, a carryout department, and full service catering.  Moonlite has become a signature attraction for Owensboro Kentucky earning many awards and national recognition.  One of Moonlite’s challenges is remaining true to the past while keeping relevant in the present.  Many original ingredients have discontinued forcing Moonlite to adapt recipes or recreate the ingredients. Business come and go, health department or USDA rules change, suppliers change, environmental seasons or shifts affect quality and supply of ingredients. Through it all, Moonlite attempts to innovate not to be different, but to stay the same.

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