Pecans – Perfectly Poised for Today’s Plant-Based Trends

Sponsored By: The American Pecan Council and presented by National Pecan Shellers Association

The movement toward plant-based and “flexitarian” diets has been building up steam for several years, but in the last year, this trend has skyrocketed. Pecans are the perfect ingredient, essential to research and development programs, because they combine consumer demand for plant-forward, healthy cuisine with the desire for exciting and exotic cuisine. With a rich, buttery texture and naturally sweet taste, pecans are a nutrient dense heart healthy food. Learn how pecans can help you appeal to current and upcoming food and foodservice trends in both sweet and savory applications. You will also discover how to enhance pecan flavor and unlock pecans’ unique functional properties, which allow the ingredient to be used in many creative ingredient applications.

Moderator: Diane Welland MS, RD, Director of Communications, National Pecan Shellers Association
Speakers: Chris Koetke CEC, CCE, HAAC, Chef Spokesperson, National Pecan Shellers Association & Steve Petusevsky, Chef Spokesperson, National Pecan Shellers Association

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