Professional Development: American Egg Board EggPro™ E-Curriculum

EggPro™ is a video-based continuing education program for food product development and foodservice professionals, powered by Rouxbe Global Food Group, the world’s leading online culinary school. The unique egg-focused curriculum is divided into two modules – Egg Foundations for advanced foodservice chefs and Egg Functionality for food scientists, food product developers and culinologists.

The Egg Functionality module covers egg science and its benefits in product development and food manufacturing. The Egg Foundations course gives a complete overview of eggs from the farm to the back-of-the-house, including cooking techniques, egg anatomy, safety and nutrition.

In support of the food industry during these challenging times, the American Egg Board is granting free access to the EggPro™ curriculum until the end of 2020. Beginning in 2021, course fees will be put toward scholarships and program maintenance. For complete course details and complimentary registration, go to

EggPro™ Online Egg Curriculum 

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