Win-Win! Culinary Innovation

Corporate chefs know how to interpret ingredient, menu and consumer trends—and transform those insights into new product innovation. But what if you could increase your odds of new products success with just one more bit of trend monitoring?

Steven Steinborn is a partner with the Washington, DC, office of Hogan Lovells and he literally wrote the book on food labeling as a principal author of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) labeling guide. Representing food processors, restaurant chains, foodservice operators, ingredient suppliers, and trade associations, Steven has 28 years of experience in food and beverage industry issues of advertising, labeling, and food safety. He routinely evaluates new product concepts and devises regulatory strategies to ensure a clear path to product launch and success.

Come hear Steinborn outline current regulatory challenges and provide a peek at what’s coming next. He will share regulatory strategies that have proven effective and beneficial to new product development—as well as examples of strategies that have failed. Steinborn also will share practical insights and “tips” to effectively manage legal compliance and leverage legal and regulatory resources in a way that supports innovation!

Competencies: Knowledge of Food Safety Practices and HACCP, Knowledge of Food Sanitation (including prevention of foodborne illnesses, etc.), Knowledge of Appropriate Documentation (e.g., lab book, specs, process documentation), Knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Rules and Regulations (e.g., OSHA), Knowledge of Government Food Regulations (e.g., FDA, USDA, NLEA, CFR, appropriate local/international regulations)


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