Month of Giving: Rocky Mountain Central Region

A message from RCA Rocky Mountain Central Regional Chair, Chris McAdams:

I'm extremely excited to announce to you our plans for the RCA Month of giving this November. As you may remember, we are partnering with the amazing Denver-based non-profit, Metro Caring! For those who were able to make it to the virtual walk through last week, you know what they're all about (i.e. feeding people and ending poverty). But, for those who couldn't attend, please check out the recorded session so you can see how amazing this place really is. You can follow the link here.

Because this place is so awesome, we want to make sure everyone has a chance to support their mission in one way or another. Therefore, we are offering multiple ways to participate:

1. Food Drive: This opportunity is for both individuals and businesses, so make sure your company knows of the drive! On Friday, November 20th, I'll be personally driving to your location to collect your donation, that way you don't have to commute into Denver. Just send me an email letting me know your address and phone number and I'll get you on the map

Check this list to see the items Metro Caring needs most. They do also accept fresh produce, so don't be shy. If you decide to donate directly to Metro Caring, please let me know the details of the donation so we can measure our regional success. Finally, let me know if you plan on making a rather large donation. I only have so much space in my vehicle, but I'll do what it takes to get your donation to Metro Caring. 

2. Volunteer: This is for those who feel comfortable giving their personal time. Metro Caring is always in need of hands on help and provides a safe environment for you to volunteer within. I'll be out there, I hope to see you there too. To arrange a best time for you to volunteer, please contact Deena Duwaik at Please let me know if you decide to volunteer so I can track participation and come by and get some pictures/video of you in action. 

3. Donate: Finally, and maybe most importantly, we are asking for monetary donation. Donations go to help support Metro Caring's primary mission of ending hunger and poverty, but also go to support their additional community resources like online cooking classes, nutritional education, and community advocacy. This is a place where we hope both individuals and businesses will participate. So, talk with your bosses! 

On that note, Metro Caring is also looking for sponsors for many of their programs, including a new community apiary. So, show the world the good works your company does with a partnership with one of the most effective nonprofits in Colorado. 

For more information on donations, follow this link. And once again, if you donate please let me know so I can track it. I'm happy to maintain your anonymity if requested, but we do need to know how our region fared overall. 

That's it! Food, time, or money. Or, if you're feeling ambitious, all three! It's going to a supremely worthy cause, after all.

Please reach out to me directly with any questions or to set up your donation specifics with me. I'll be sure to let you know what date I choose to volunteer, in case you'd like to join along. 

Thank you to our year-round Regional Program sponsor, ADM.

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