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Of all the ingredients you could use to formulate a food or beverage product, none have as amazing of a story as honey. From the honey bee to the beehive to your facility, honey goes through an amazing journey, which will be documented in an informational, educational and entertaining presentation by the National Honey Board. The origin of honey will be detailed, as will its chemical composition and handling information. Registration for this seminar will include a sample kit with the necessary ingredients for the guided tasting portion of the presentation. This educational experience will earn you one Continuing Education Credit.

Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021
Time: 4:00 – 5:15 pm EDT
Location: Hosted on Zoom*
Registration: RCA Members $45
                       Non-members $55
                       Student Members $30
                       *The Zoom link will be provided in your email confirmation

Registration Deadline: Please register by April 15 to guarantee enough time for your ingredient kit to be mailed (you will be prompted to provide a shipping address during the registration).

Agenda: This session includes an interactive tasting of honey from around the world and a review of formulation tips and techniques. Bee to Bottle, from the National Honey Board, is the perfect opportunity to dig deep into the world of honey and find new product inspiration from this amazing, all-natural and unprocessed ingredient.

Speaker Information: 

Keith Seiz, Ingredient Marketing, National Honey Board
For the last 20 years, Keith has been immersed in the food and beverage industries, first as a journalist covering commercial bakery trends and today as an ingredient marketing expert for the National Honey Board. In his current role,
Keith spends most of his year traveling the country talking to distillers, brewers, bakers and food manufacturers about how to make better products with honey. It’s his passion, and one that has him working with companies ranging from craft distillers to global food brands.

Alison Conklin, Ingredient Marketing, National Honey Board
Alison joined the National Honey Board’s Ingredient Marketing Team in 2016. She enjoys her time traveling the country educating food and beverage manufacturers about using honey and is always ready to conduct a honey tasting or talk about her favorite furry little friends, honey bees. Before working for the National Honey Board, Alison worked in public relations and marketing, but she finds that talking about honey is a pretty sweet gig.

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