RCA New England Region and IFT: Student Panel

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A Joint New England RCA Region and Northeast Section IFT Event

A Free Student / Professional Career Panel

Virtual Event on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 3:00 - 4:30pm     

Event Presentation:

The New England Research Chefs Association and the North East Institute of Food Technologists will have a panel of industry experts, research chefs, culinary nutritionists, and food scientists to answer questions about the food industry.  Our goal is to introduce both students and instructors to the offerings from our professional organizations; the benefits of joining and learning outcomes from attending events.  

Agenda for the Event:

  1. Introduction of NEIFT (IFT) and NERCA (RCA) and each mission statement and benefits
  2. Panel Introduction and discussion - What is your career story and how has NEIFT and RCA benefitted you?

Learn about the benefits from both organizations:

  • Scholarships available
  • Educational events
  • Mentorships available
  • Panelists’ contact information available
  • Q&A – students please send your questions into ahead of time. By doing so you will be entered into a raffle for some great prizes!

There will also be a review of exciting upcoming industry events and other benefits from both RCA and IFT. 

Registration Information

Join the Microsoft Team’s call at 3pm ET on Tuesday October 26,, 2021 using this link:

Click Here: Join the Meeting

You can register for this event, or simply mark the date and time (and Teams link) on your calendar and join in!

Please have your questions ready for the panelists and be sure to connect with us via LinkedIn prior to the meeting, this is an introduction to the amazing events and benefits of joining both the RCA and NEIFT, and specialized events on tap for 2021 – 2022!


Thank you to our year-round Regional Program sponsor, ADM.


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