Southern California Region Presents "Factors that Influence Taste Perceptions"


Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Time: 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Location: Village Green Foods
                 1732 Kaiser Ave.
                 Irvine, CA 92614

Presentation will include audience participation tastings of fruit, citrus and vanilla flavored tasting solutions or products during the presentation. The tastings will be pertinent to the subjects covered in the presentation.

  • First tasting – Fruit flavor
  • Using humans as taste instruments, targeting a specific audience
  • Types of scaling: Structured, unstructured, hedonic, food action, likelihood to buy
  • Factors that influence taste perception: Environment, color, sound and music, synesthesia, expectations, psychology
  • Second tasting – Citrus flavors (may be done to different music selections)
  • Third tasting – Vanilla flavors
  • How the human nervous system processes sensory input, taste adaptation, diminished perception, ‘anosmia’
  • Fourth tasting – Additional fruit flavors
  • Response bias, forced choice, paired comparison

About the Speaker - Dale Streit, Director of Flavor Development at California Custom Fruits and Flavors.

Dale has 30+ years of experience in many aspects of taste and sensory evaluation. Work experience in Q.C. / analytical, botanical materials and extracts, sensory evaluation, flavor creation, sales and applications. He has worked for a wide range of companies from global corporations to small privately owned businesses. Dale has created successful flavors for dairy, beverage, oral care, savory, confectionary, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications for a wide range of customers, from well-known global CPG companies and national restaurant chains to startups and entrepreneurs.

Dale is a member of The Society of Flavor Chemists, The Society of Sensory Professionals and The Institute of Food Technologists.

RCA Members                   $40.00
Non-members                    $45.00
RCA Student Members      $10.00
*Registration includes food, beverage and discussion with Dale Streit and fellow peers.

For questions regarding this event, please contact Jeff Crace. For questions regarding registration, please contact Katie King at 312-321-6861.

Thank you to our year-round Regional Program sponsor, ADM.


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