Evolution of Food Waste Product Development student Competition

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RCA held the Evolution of Food Waste Product Development Competition on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 in Savannah, Georgia.

The purpose of the competition was to:

  • Provide a creative opportunity for students to network with food industry professionals;
  • Encourage students to develop a food product using waste byproducts commonly produced within the industry;
  • Challenge students to apply Culinology® concepts towards developing a sustainable food product that can be marketed at a large scale; and
  • Promote student talent and develop connections within the industry to provide a platform that will allow students to spotlight 

Congratulations to our 2018 Evolution of Food Waste Product Development Competition Winners 

California State Polytechnic University in Pomona

Product: Toates – Totally Oats Cookies 

Team Leader: Briley Bliss

  • Corey Abesa
  • Kelly Gray
  • Eric Kinjo
  • Blayne Nuccio
  • Jamie Lam (Alternate)
  • Matthew Jordan (Alternate)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Davidov-Pardo

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About the Evolution of Food Waste Initiative

The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization estimates food production globally, but never eaten, would be enough to feed 2 billion people (FAO, 2016). Paradoxically, companies are paying millions of dollars to dispose literal metric tons of waste byproducts in a responsible manner. Some fresh produce never even leaves the farm and is driven directly to the landfill. Food waste is so prevalent large companies are creating incubators dedicated to solving the accumulating global issue and lucrative start-ups are being cultivated from waste byproducts commonly found throughout the product development process.

To meet changing market demands, the RCA Student Committee created the Evolution of Food Waste Initiative: a unique opportunity that challenges students entering the food industry, troubleshoots cost reduction solutions, and leads the charge in changing the way the world consumes “wasted” ingredients. One company’s trash can be another student’s opportunity. Ultimately, RCA students who succeed in this competition will prove themselves as perfect candidates for employers looking to hire new graduates with the culinary prowess to transform any ingredient into something delicious as well as the food science knowledge to formulate any gold standard product at a large scale.


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Thank you to our 2017 and 2018 Evolution of Food Waste Product Development Competition Sponsor:

Griffith Foods 



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