General Sessions

General Sessions

Speaking Culinology® - Culinology® in Our Business

Janet Carver, Senior Manager, Culinology Group & Food Pilot Plant, Ingredion; Jeff Cowles, Director Culinary SalesSugar Creek Foods; Scott Walnofer, Director of Culinary Foodservice, Kerry

Attendees joined a range of companies to see how they implement Culinology® into their organization. From product development, to staffing, Culinology® influences the customer experience every day.

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Home Kit Deliveries - Developing for the Convenience of Portions for Consumers

Mario Valdovino, Corporate Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Innovation Research and DevelopmentTyson Foods, Inc.


Meal kit delivery services are all the rage. Mario Valdovino from Tyson Foods showed how Tyson’s Tastemakers are changing the way dinner is prepared and served. Created by chefs, Tyson Tastemakers provide consumers with inspiring and unique recipes to cook directly at home. With a seasonal menu, and an open subscription process, Tyson is changing the way meals are prepped and served.

Snacking; It's Not a Category, It's a Behavior

Lynn Dornblaser, Director of Innovation & Insight, Mintel


Everyone snacks. And they snack on a wide range of different foods and beverages, not just the typical chips and soda. This presentation looked at what consumers say they are snacking on, why they snack, and when and where they snack. In addition, Lynn highlighted some of the newest snacks on the market in the US. After looking closer at what consumers snack on, Lynn dove into flavors (and their inspirations), formats, and formulation. Finally, Lynn offered her observations on where snacking is going in the future, and how you can capitalize on those trends.