Vicki Shaw Hughes

Vicki Shaw HughesExecutive Director, Georgia Olive Growers Association

Session: Squeezing out a living in South Georgia and Prospecting for Liquid Gold in the Southeast


Get to Know Vicki

Vicki Hughes is the Executive Director of the Georgia Olive Growers Association (GOGA) serving its members throughout the Southeastern United States since 2012. GOGA has been instrumental in the development and funding of the University of Georgia’s Olive Research and Development program, public education initiatives and other various programs to grow the olive industry in the region and U.S. Prior to supporting the olive industry, Vicki worked in economic development with the Valdosta –Lowndes County Industrial Authority where she served as Assistant Executive Director and Director of Marketing & Existing Industry for 12 years. During her tenure in economic development she became a successful grant writer and administrator that carried over to her work with GOGA.

Vicki lives in Naylor, GA and is a graduate of the Carl Vinson Institute for Government/University of Georgia and the Georgia Academy for Economic Development. She has been a published photographer since 1984 and is currently the owner and developer of Olio di Vita, a line of healthy natural skincare products formulated using extra virgin olive oil.