Join Us at The 2022 Rca conference

The RCA Conference is a global event that provides an innovative experience for food industry professionals looking to dive deeper into culinary arts, food sciences and product development.

In addition, this year’s event will return to in person in Atlanta, Georgia next March. We are so excited to make our way to Atlanta and ignite our senses with all of the passionate, innovative, and growing members of RCA. 

The RCA Conference will be an in person experience with options to participate virtually. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months about this virtual option.

This year the RCA Conference is going to ignite your senses, with tons of engaging features, incredible breakout sessions, live networking and the scenery of Atlanta. We're pulling out all the stops! You aren't going to want to miss out on this over-the-top in person experience. 

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The official 2022 RCA Conference website will be launching in early October. We are hard at work to get the official RCA Conference website up and get you all registered for this event.