Culinology Scholarship Application- College and Higher Education for Bill "Pops" Hahne Memorial Scholarship, Legacy Scholarship, Michele Block Memorial Scholarship, and/or Tyson Scholarship

The Research Chefs Association (RCA) values the importance of education in the disciplines of Culinology®, culinary arts, and food science.  The Culinology® Education Foundation (CEF), therefore, strives to create opportunities for individuals to succeed in these disciplines by providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships for qualified students.

Scholarship candidates are judged on the basis of grade point average, financial need, and an essay.  Recipients will receive scholarship money via deposit at the Financial Aid Office of the Campus of their choice, for the use of purchasing books and supplies, covering lab fees and tuition expenses.

Bill "Pops" Hahne Memorial Scholarship

In March 2008, the CEF proudly announced the founding of the Bill "Pops" Hahne Memorial Scholarship Fund, a fund initiated by CEF to honor the many contributions of Bill Hahne to the association. Known fondly as "Pops" among the RCA community, Hahne was a founding member of the association and served the RCA throughout the years in various leadership roles, including president, treasurer, and long-time board member. His commitment to building the association and broadening the influence of the Culinology® was evident to all in the industry. In addition, he helped to establish the Culinology® Education Foundation (CEF) (formerly the Research Chefs Foundation) and served as director for many years after its inception in 2002. Going forward, the CEF will award an annual scholarship to a deserving student of Culinology® with monies provided by the Bill "Pops" Hahne Memorial Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is worth $1,000.

Legacy Scholarship

The vision of the CEF Legacy Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to students in their pursuit of higher education and in their desire to contribute to the advancement of Culinology. Donations to this fund are through individual giving, events and in honoring the passing of members who through their pursuits have been an inspiration to us all.  It is the desire of the foundation to continue to grow the fund to assist as many individuals as possible in pursuing their dreams. This scholarship is worth $1,000.

Michele Block Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created by RCA and Darifair Foods in 2006 to honor the memory of Michele Block. Block was a long-time member of the RCA and Vice President of Marketing for Darifair Foods, one of RCA's founding sponsors. During her time on the Board of Directors, Block acted as the Associate representative. Her dedication to build the organization's successful partnership program, as well as helping to plan several annual conferences, has significantly advanced RCA's mission and contributed immeasurably to its many accomplishments. Beginning in 2007, the Culinology® Education Foundation awards an annual scholarship to a deserving student with monies provided by this scholarship. This scholarship is worth $1,000.

Tyson Scholarship

Tyson Foods is one of the world’s largest producers of meat and poultry. At Tyson, our product innovation team is dedicated to the Culinology® discipline with 45 Research Chef Association Certified Culinology® professionals on staff. We believe this specialized culinary training helps our product development team build a well-rounded understanding of both the culinary aspect and commercial viability for making new food products that consumers and customers will love.

The Research Chefs Association (RCA) and Tyson Foods value the importance of education in Culinology®, culinary arts, and food science disciplines. Therefore, the Culinology® Education Foundation (CEF), a 501 (c) organization founded by RCA has teamed up with Tyson foods to offer financial assistance to individuals who demonstrate an interest in integrating culinary arts and food science and technology in the research and development of meat products. One (1) $1000 scholarship will be awarded.

Scholarship candidates are judged on the basis of grade point average, financial need, and an essay.  Recipients will receive scholarship money via deposit at the Financial Aid Office of the Campus of their choice, for the use of purchasing books and supplies, covering lab fees and tuition expenses.

All Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidates must be an RCA member.
  • Rising freshman applicants must have graduated from high school before July 1 of the year in which they will receive the scholarship.
  • Proof of acceptance, as a full- or part-time student (minimum 6 credit hours), into an accredited college, university, culinary academy or technical institute must be submitted before payment will be issued.
  • Candidates must be majoring or completing courses in Culinology, Culinary Arts, or Food Science at a college or higher level (students already in college are eligible.) Preference may be given to RCA-approved Culinology® degree program students.
  • Please note: Applicants can apply for as many CEF scholarships as they are eligible for, however, applicants will only be awarded a maximum of one scholarship.


  • Applicants for CEF Scholarships must complete this application.
  • High school applicants must send academic transcripts and credits earned through their junior year.
  • College applicants must send transcripts of the previous academic year 
  • Type or print each answer in black ink. Your name and email address must appear on all attachments, including those mailed separately.


Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • GPA: 25%
  • Financial Need: 25%
  • Essay: 50%

Recipients of an CEF scholarship will be notified via email by December 20, 2019, and will be asked to submit a high resolution jpeg/digital headshot photo and a 100-word, 3rd-person biography referencing their name, university, major, graduation date, career plans and how this scholarship will help them achieve their goals.  CEF scholarship recipients will be recognized at the 2020 RCA Annual Conference & Culinology® Expo in San Diego, CA on April 15-17 and in official 2020 RCA media. 

By October 31, 2019, please submit completed application or mail these documents to the address below.

Culinology Education Foundation (CEF)
Attn: Tori Clucas
330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60611
Tel: (312) 321-6861

Please Note: Applicants must complete the application all at once, as you are unable to save your work and return to it. Please note the necessary attachments at the end of the application.

If you have attended any other schools, taken correspondence courses, or have received any higher education degrees, please explain (name of school, location, dates attended, courses taken, degrees earned/date earned.)
I authorize my educational institution to release any and all of my financial aid records to the Culinolgoy Education Foundation (CEF) for use in determining my eligilibty for an CEF scholarship. I understand that I will be responsible for any cost associated with sending this information. In addition, I understand that I will be responsible for the submission of this completed form, and that this released financial aid information must arrive at the CEF by October 31, 2018.
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OPTIONAL: Please include one reference letter from either an educator or a supervisor at a food-related work.
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Essay Requirements: (1) reason(s) for applying, (2) career goals in the Culinology®, culinary arts and food science industry, (3) activities demonstrating leadership abilities, (4) a description of financial need, and (5) your current involvement or future involvement in the RCA community. Minimum of 500 words.
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