2013 Conference Brings More Than 1,200 Food R&D Experts to Charlotte

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Atlanta, GA (February 1, 2013) — The Research Chefs Association’s (RCA) Annual Conference & Culinology® Expo, ,  brings together chefs, food scientists, technologists, writers, nutritionists, academics, researchers, consultants, sales and marketing professionals, suppliers, co-packers, distributors and students to learn real-time food industry trends, practices and issues.  More than 1,200 food research and development (R&D) professionals are expected to attend this year’s expo on March 6-9 in Charlotte, NC

“The RCA Annual Conference provides a singular opportunity for all members of the food research and development industry to come together for several days of shared learning and networking,” says RCA Executive Vice President, Jim Fowler. “We are pleased to be in Charlotte this year, where modern and traditional cuisine are in abundance,    -- a great backdrop for our event.”

Renowned chef, molecular gastronomer, inventor and social entrepreneur Homaro Cantu, chef of Moto and iNG Restaurants, and owner of Cantu Designs, will provide the keynote address, , “Trailblazing a New Culinary Frontier:  Ideas for Improving Our Diets Without Harming the Planet.”  Chef Cantu will share his thoughts on how he believes these new foods can be commercialized in the future.

“Chef Cantu is well-known as a pioneer in the sustainability movement in the food R&D industry,” says Kit Kiefer, Corporate Executive Chef, Schwan’s Foodservice and RCA President. “We are very pleased that he will be providing the keynote address this year, and look forward to learning more about his vision for the food industry in the years ahead.”

The slate of speakers also includes industry thought leader Mehmood Khan, Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer, Global Research and Development of PepsiCo. Khan will lead the general session, “Global Food Challenges, the Future of Food and the Implications for R&D Professionals,” examining the resources and expertise a global food and beverage business can leverage in order to enable access worldwide to food that is not only safe, delicious and affordable, but also nutritious.

Also on the agenda is “The Future of Food & Beverage: Authenticity, Risk Taking & Experimentation,” which aims to help companies understand the issues influencing food, flavor and beverage trends in order to successfully navigate them. Experienced professionals Suzy Badaracco, Stan Frankenthaler and Robert Okura will share practical ideas for improving flavors and food and beverage concepts without sacrificing the bottom line.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about the art of sensory science, regional cuisine, the meatless movement, mixology, the future and trends of food, flavor development, pungent ingredients, next-generation oils, school food services, RCA certification and much more.

The RCA Annual Conference & Culinology® Expo is March 6–9, 2013, in Charlotte, NC. The Westin Charlotte (601 South College Street, Charlotte) will serve as headquarters hotel. The Culinology® Expo on Friday, March 8, 2013 will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center (501 South College Street, Charlotte) and attendees may register online . Press registration is available for qualified applicants, based upon availability.  Contact for more information.


About the Research Chefs Association:

Founded in 1996, the Research Chefs Association has rapidly grown to approximately 2,000 members, including chefs, food scientists, technologists, writers, nutritionists, academics, researchers, consultants, sales and marketing professionals, suppliers, co-packers, distributors and students.  RCA is the premier source of culinary and technical information for the food industry and is committed to the advancement of Culinology® -- the blending of the culinary arts and food science. For more information on Culinology® or the RCA, please visit