Cheryl Preyer

Daniel Asher'Chef/Partner River and Woods, Chef/Founder EcoChef Culinary, River and Woods

Session: Alternative Foods: Creating a Buzz With Insects


Get to Know Daniel

What Chef Daniel Asher's obsession with local agriculture, sustainable sourcing and food justice has been his focus for over two decades in the restaurant industry. As Chef/Partner of River and Woods in Boulder, Daniel is able to share the culmination of his experience and passions, while expressing the joy and inspiration that comes from gathering at the table to share real, thoughtfully prepared food in an intimate one hundred year old cottage. Daniel is the Executive Chef/Founder of EcoChef Culinary Services, a multi-faceted consulting and events company. Utilizing organic and locally-grown produce, ethically-raised meats and sustainably produced ingredients, Chef Daniel has conceptualized and executed catered events and bespoke dining experiences all
over the world. He thrives on seeking the next level of dining excellence and community engagement. As former Culinary Director of the Edible Beats Group, one of the most successful hospitality brands in the region, Daniel helped to define true farm-to-table cuisine in Denver.
 His recipes & philosophies have been featured in Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Vegetarian Times, Plate, FSR, and local news media including 5280 Magazine, The Denver Post, Westword and Local Food Shift. He has been a promotional chef for sustainable companies such as Whole Foods, Lundberg Farms, Santa Cruz Organics, Green Fest and Farm Aid.  Eco-conscious cooking is his passion, and the bounty of Colorado’s wonderful terroir is incredibly provocative. Chef Daniel is a certified Raw Foods Chef from the Living Light Culinary Institute in California, a Chef Ambassador for the American Lamb Board, Co-Chair for the Chefs Collaborative Colorado Chapter, board member of EatDenver and the recipient of the 2015 Philanthropist Award from the Colorado Restaurant Association for his work with dozens of non-profits in Colorado and beyond. Daniel enjoys sharing his love of Slow Food and advocates for food system change in Washington DC with the 2018 Farm Bill thru Plate of the Union, Food Policy Action, the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, and the Environmental Working Group.