Cheryl Preyer

HeadshotSenior Product Development Scientist, Podcast Host, Certified Culinary Scientist, PeasOnMoss

Session: PeasOnMoss Podcast Live


Get to Know Kimberly

From the Air Force to the restaurant and eventually the product development bench, I have recorded my journey on PeasOnMoss, an alliterative play on the culinary technique mis en place. More than a blog, Peas On Moss is a trusted resource for chefs and product developers.

The Peas On Moss podcast tells the stories of chefs and product developers I have met along the way and gives them a chance to share some of their lessons-learned and advice. In the podcast, we talk about the career pathways that we have taken to illustrate the diversity of backgrounds that brings us all to product development. We also discuss topics specific to product development, such as establishment of gold standards, balancing speed to market with iteration to perfection, and managing project expectations. This year, I am focusing on writing more content that will be valuable for product developers and in developing sponsorship and partnerships with different organizations in the industry.