Cheryl Preyer

HeadshotPolicy Administrator - Feed, North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture (NACIA)

Session: Alternative Foods: Creating a Buzz With Insects


Get to Know Cheryl

With a couple of decades in quick service restaurant marketing for McDonald’s and later Wendy’s, Cheryl Preyer made the move from fries to flies!

With a dawning realization of the large amounts of food wasted in the United States combined with the need to feed a drastically growing global population, she found herself drawn to insects as an interesting solution, so she went to the fly factory. She found herself at EnviroFlight, in the role of business development and marketing communications just as EnviroFlight was bringing their pilot plant online in late 2014.

Cheryl now serves on the board of the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture (NACIA) and chairs the Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch Advisory Board.