Culinary and Baking Arts for Food Technologists

RCA has joined forces with The Culinary Institute of America and the University of Arkansas to offer food technologists hands-on culinary training and the opportunity to learn the same culinary and baking fundamentals that chefs use every day on the job. These comprehensive courses provide training on the utilization of commercial cooking equipment, as well as proper food handling and preparation techniques. By integrating culinary basics with an emphasis on related food science principles, many students of these workshops find that they are well prepared for the RCA's (CCS®) exam. Scholarshipsoffered by the Research Chefs Foundation are available for both continuing education professionals and students of higher learning.

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Workshop Descriptions

Culinary Arts Fundamentals for Food Technologists*  

  • Comprehensive 5-day workshop
  • Stock and sauce-making
  • Knife handling
  • Preparation techniques: sautéing, deep frying, roasting, broiling, grilling, braising, poaching, cooking of vegetables, grains and starches and much more.

[*The content of this workshop is a recommended pre-requisite for the Culinary Arts for Food Techs workshops in the four-part series.]

Advanced Culinary Arts for Food Technologists

  • Comprehensive 5-day workshop
  • Advanced soups and sauces
  • Gardemanger (salads, dressings, condiments, cheese, appetizers and hors d'oeuvres)
  • Charcuterie I (brines, dry rubs, smoking, emulsification forcemeats, sausages and choosing appropriate accompanying side dishes)
  • Charcuterie II and bread baking (cooking, smoking and utilization of products prepared the previous day, sandwiches)
  • Menu development, and much more

Baking Arts Fundamentals for Food Technologists

  • Comprehensive 5-day workshop
  • Baking theory and ingredient function
  • Creaming and foaming methods
  • Custards
  • Lamination
  • Cake assembly and more
  • Demonstrations of baking methods and techniques
  • The opportunity to practice methods under chef supervision, with assistance of RCA culinologist.

Global Culinary Traditions for Food Technologists**

There’s no denying the appeal of unraveling the mysteries behind the culinary traditions of distant lands, from Southeast Asia to South America to the Mediterranean Basin. In this specialized 5-day course, you’ll discuss some of the common threads and the diverse differences that have defined these cuisines throughout history. You will also:

  • Make dynamic flavors come alive by utilizing fresh aromatic ingredients to create exotic regional dishes.
  • Use specialty ingredients and employ strategies for working with spices to add complexity and depth of flavor to recipes.
  • Understand why, in today's foodservice arena, traditional flavors and flavor combinations continue to form the backbone of popular gastronomy.

[**This workshop is the recommended capstone workshop of the four-part series.]

Workshop fees include the cost of the class, breakfast, lunch, a course textbook, and a class photograph.

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