Professional Development

Continuing Education

Professional development through continuing education is key to RCA's mission of supporting practitioners of Culinology® throughout their career. RCA has developed an extensive program of continuing education workshops that cater to both the culinary professional and the food technologist. Read more.

Career Clarity

RCA's new Career Clarity helps food innovation professionals - chefs, food scientists, R&D and innovation leaders, and anyone involved with creating great food - build and follow a fulfilling career development plan. Career Clarity was created exclusively and specifically for RCA, with special consideration for the unique needs of the innovation professional. To learn more - and to sign up for Career Clarity classes and workshops, click here.


In an effort to provide members and the food R&D industry with relevant, fun and education offerings, the RCA has begun offering a series of webinars! To watch all webinars on-demand, click here. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming webinars!


RCA certifies qualified professionals as Certified Research Chefs and Certified Culinary Scientists, providing the food industry with today’s most valuable, sought after product developers who excel in the practice of Culinology® — the blending of culinary arts and food science. In today’s complex food industry, companies are seeking employees who can offer that competitive edge through experience and proven competencies in both culinary arts and food science. Read more.

Professional Culinology® Competition

RCA's 2019 Professional Culinology® Competition was held at the RCA Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Professional teams developed a proposal for a concept which includes both gold standard recipes and the corresponding product formulations. Read more.

Scholarships and Opportunities

Valuing the importance of education, the Culinology Education Foundation strives to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to assist qualified students and professionals pursuing higher learning and continuing education opportunities in Culinology, culinary arts and food science. Read more.