Culinology® Education Foundation Community of Donors

The Culinology® Education Foundation would like to recognize the following donors who have made cumulative charitable gifts to the Foundation this year. The Culinology® Education Foundation Board of Directors sincerely thanks every donor. Donations of any amount are always welcome.

Taraja Amoako-Poku Datassential  Toni Ruth Manning, CFS
Kevin Anderson Ingreth de Souza Lauren Martey
David Asiamah Margaret DeVero Jaime Mestan
Charlie Baggs Barton Dewing Noah Michaels
Wiley Bates John Draz Modernist Cuisine
Jason Behrends Hannah Dressen Lucy Montalbano
Lucy Benoit Anne Druschitz Anh Nguy
Evan Bescript Susan Edwards Nu Products Seasoning Company
Craig Brazier Kate Foley RON PAGAOA
Rajeev Brown Michael Formichella Armand Paradis
Tommaso Buco Allen Freed Laurel Place-Boyd
Marilyn Carlson Dianna Fricke Chip Potter
Matt Carr Darian Fuselier Catherine Proper
Michael Cheng Kelly Gaisford Rabbit Hole Distillery
Haishi Cheng Colin Garner Daniel Rivas
Erich Chieca Jill Golden Paul Rockwell
Whitney Chittum Jessica Goldstein Clint Rogers
Mark Cotter Nick Granju Robert Ryan
Ingredion/ Courtesy of Anh Nguy Darryl Holliday KIMBERLY SCHAUB
Edlong Corporation/
 Courtesy of Anne Druschitz
Joy Isaacs Megan Schwalbach
 Courtesy of Charles Hayes
Peter Johnson Handy Seafood
Elite Spice/
 Courtesy of Darryl Holliday
Joseph Jolly Oona Settembre
Sadler’s Smokehouse/
 Courtesy of Erich Chieca
Erik Jones Bob Smith
Tastepoint by IFF/
 Courtesy of Gerrie Bouchard
Sheila Jones Kami Smith

Vienna Beef/
 Courtesy of Jamie Mestan

Randy Josephs Michael Spinelli
Garlic King/ Courtesy of Jeff Crace Justin Kanthak Herbert Stockschlaeder
MBURS Culinary Consulting/
 Courtesy of Matthew Burton
Min Kim Raj Varma
Southeastern Mills/
 Courtesy of Nick Landry
David Kissane Peeranut Visetsuth
Jeff Cowles Chris Kline Jeff Waters
Mark Crowell Nick Landry Maeve Webster
Robert Danhi Cian Leahy Eric White

Higher Education Summit Donors

Thank you to the following individuals who have contributed to the RCA's first Higher Education Summit. 

Jason Behrends at Red Arrow Mike Lonteen at Custom Culinary
Mark Crowell at CuliNex John Draz at Ed Miniat LLC
Marilyn Carlson at Dogwood Solutions Stephen Kalil at Flavor Design Studio
Allen Freed at AJ Freed, L.L.C. Joseph Jolly at Plenus Group, Inc.
Allison Rittman at Culinary Culture Winston Riley at Culinary Corp., Inc.

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