CEF Community of Donors

The Culinology® Education Foundation would like to recognize the following donors who have made cumulative charitable gifts of $75 or more to the CEF this year.

The CEF Board of Directors sincerely thanks every donor. Donations of any amount are always welcome, and the CEF would especially like to recognize individuals or corporations for their support with the following designations:

Distinguished Corporate Friend of Culinology® $5,000-$9,999


Sensient in honor of Skip Julius,  CRC, CEC, CCS, CCP, CFE

Ambassador of Culinology® $1,000+

Catherine Proper, CEC

Penford Ingredients

Fuchs North America

Distinguished Friend of Culinology® $500-$999

John Draz, CEC, CCE

Charles Hayes, CRC, CEC

Joseph Jolly NW  Arkansas Region

Friend of Culinology® $250-$499

Jason Behrends, CCS, Ph.D.

Erich Chieca

Jeff Cowles, CCS

John Csukor

Dolf De Rovira

Allen Freed

Joy Isaacs

Anh Nguy 

Robert Orr

Jacquy Pfeiffer

Christopher Allen Tanner, CEC

Stacey Thomas

Larry Tong, CCS

Maeve Webster 

Barbara Zatto

Steward of Culinology® $75-$249

Scott Adair

Kevin Anderson

Annette Benavides

Michael Cheng (in honor of Skip Julius)

Mark Crowell, CRC

Anne Druschitz, CRC

Susan Edwards (in honor of Skip Julius)

Steven Flynn (in honor of Skip Julius)

Paul Forde (in honor of Skip Julius)

Gary Freeman Dianna Fricke, CRC (in honor of Skip Julius)

Tim Helms (in honor of Skip Julius)

Stephen Kalil

Justin Kanthak

Mark Hughes

Naikang Kuan

Michael Mudrone

Cirabel Olson (in honor of Skip Julius)

William B. Petty, III

Kelly Price

Eliezer Ramon Sanchez Sandoval

Allison Rittman

Rainer Schindler

Jerome Joseph Rejano, CRC

John Rosingana

Jenny Rosoff

Peter Wilder (in honor of Skip Julius)

Michele Block Memorial Scholarship Donor $75 or more


William “Pops” Hahne Memorial Scholarship Donor $75 or more

Anh Nguy

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