RCA Certification Commission

The Research Chefs Association Certification Commission (RCACC) is a certifying body, which operates outside the structure of, but on behalf of, the Research Chefs Association. The role of the Commission is to promulgate policies, procedures and criteria, which will enhance the certification process.

RCACC Mission: Create sustainable professional development value for chefs and food scientists by ensuring the integrity of RCA certification through the establishment and management of certification standards.

Express Your Interest

The formal RCACC election process is closed, but we would still love to hear from you! If you are interested in volunteering on the RCACC in the future, please email the RCA Certification Team at 

RCACC Position Description and Process

RCACC Commissioner Position Description & Performance Agreement  

Chair (2017-2018)

Craig Claussen, CCS®
Tyson Foods

Commission Members

Brad Cheatham, CCS®
Simmons Prepared Foods
Michael Janosik, CRC®CEC
Advance Pierre Foods

Karl Marsh, CRC®


Patty Mitchell, CRC®

Mondelez International

Keith Sumner, CRC®

Deen Meats & Cooked Foods 

Scott Walnofer
Kerry, North America

RCA Board Member Representative

Kami R. Smith, C.E.P.C.
Pecan Deluxe Candy Company

Past Chair (2016-2017)

Barton Dewing, CRC® 
Handy Seafood

Staff Liaison

Liz Dombrowski
Research Chefs Association