RCA Certification Commission

The Research Chefs Association Certification Commission (RCACC) is a certifying body, which operates outside the structure of, but on behalf of, the Research Chefs Association. The role of the Commission is to promulgate policies, procedures and criteria, which will enhance the certification process.

RCACC Mission: Create sustainable professional development value for chefs and food scientists by ensuring the integrity of RCA certification through the establishment and management of certification standards.

Nominations Open Through February 10, 2019

The RCACC is seeking engaged RCA members for volunteer leadership roles with the 2019 RCACC.  The deadline for nominations is February 10, 2019. You will need to following to apply:

  • Letter of Interest in a Commission Seat
  • Signed “Position Description & Performance Agreement”
  • Resume
  • Letter of Employer Support

                  Apply Here

Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.  Selected Commission members serve three-year terms that begin on March 15, 2019 at the RCA Annual Conference.

RCACC Position Description and Process

RCACC Commissioner Position Description & Performance Agreement  

RCACC Commission Member Eligibility Requirements:

  • Current RCA Affiliate, Chef, Culinology, or Food Science & Technology member for at least one year
  • Commitment to serve a three-year term
  • Support from employer
  • Ability to dedicate an average of 6 hours per month minimum
  • Attendance at annual RCACC Spring and Fall Commission Meeting and Exam Development Sessions (2 x 2-day event)

 RCACC Commission Member Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated commitment to and understanding of RCACC
  • Vocational or professional experience related to RCA programs and certification
  • Respect and visibility in food-related industry

RCACC Commission Member Responsibilities:

  • Actively participate in discussions on applications for RCACC certification
  • Ensure sound planning and policies (by following the mission, goals and organizational procedures of the RCACC)
  • Ensure good management (evaluate and review effectiveness of program)
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements (comply with Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and U.S. antitrust laws)
  • Ensure good governance (recruits new Commission members and updates Bylaws)
  • Financial resources – (Commission Members are responsible for their travel expenses to meetings)
  • Demonstrate commitment to Commission activities
  • Review agenda items and minutes in advance of meetings
  • Participate in decision-making process to set overall policy and program oversight
  • Notify the Commission well in advance if participation in a scheduled meeting or conference call is not possible
  • Listen respectfully to other points of view
  • Actively promote RCA membership and RCACC certification to the food community
  • Disclose and avoid conflicts of interest
  • Recuse oneself from voting on any issue, which may, in the opinion of a majority of the Commissioners, be a conflict of interest
  • Maintain confidentiality

Chair (2019-2020)

Karl Marsh, CRC®


Commission Members

Brad Cheatham, CCS®
Simmons Prepared Foods
Tam Grall, CCS®
Tyson Foods

Nick Granju, CRC®

Butterfield Foods

Pete Jizba, CRC®

Godfather's Pizza

Patty Mitchell, CRC®

Mondelez International

Keith Sumner, CRC®

Deen Meats & Cooked Foods 

Scott Walnofer
Kerry, North America

RCA Board Member Representative

Noah Michaels, CRC® 

RCA Public Member

Ellen Julian
Julian Consulting


Past Chair (2017-2018)

Craig Claussen, CCS®
Tyson Foods

Staff Liaison

Liz Dombrowski
Research Chefs Association