Culinology® Book

Culinology Book CoverEnter these pages to explore an exciting new world of food research and development through the study of Culinology® — the Intersection of Culinary Art and Food Science by the Research Chefs Association.

Simply put, Culinology® helps us to understand how and why things happen to food.

Have you ever wondered how a food item goes from the kitchen under a chef’s guiding hand to a new product on a supermarket shelf — without incurring staggering costs? Or how does a new product developer produce food that won’t perish before it reaches the consumer? And how does a chef who has mastered the most creative menu items take one and produce it for mass market tastes? The answer is found in the study of Culinology®.

In this book, you will find meticulously researched and written chapters by more than 50 Culinology® professionals on topics such as the principles of food science, protein-based foods, carbohydrates, lipids, eggs and milk-based foods, fermentation, food safety and spoilage, shelf life extension, packaging, nutritious food product development, sensory evaluation, and commercialization.

By leading you through each step of new product development, this book will help you begin thinking like a Culinology® professional by explaining what it really takes to bring a product to market.

Welcome to the world of Culinology®!

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