Culinology® Degree Programs

In 2002, the RCA introduced a novel concept to the food product development community: a unified academic experience combining both culinary arts and food science training.

Students now have the opportunity to learn both disciplines and combine their knowledge and skill set to practice Culinology® — the blending of these two fields. Through RCA-approved undergraduate degree programs in the United States and Malaysia, students learn how closely the two components interconnect. These programs offer a well-rounded, interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on culinary arts and food science, but also incorporates other elements of food product development, such as business management, nutrition, processing technology and government regulations to name a few.

These sixteen RCA-approved Culinology® undergraduate degree programs each offer unique features and advantages for prospective students. Some programs are offered at a single university, while others are offered through a partnership by two neighboring schools. These partnering models allow students to transfer their culinary coursework to nearby institution where they can continue their studies in Culinology® and earn their undergraduate degree in the field.

For more information about RCA's approved Culinology® degree programs, please contact RCA Headquarters.