Culinology® Education Foundation


Investing in the Future of Food

The Research Chefs Association, through the Culinology® Education Foundation, provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships to qualified students and professionals pursuing higher learning and continuing education in Culinology®, culinary arts and food science.

Founded in 2002, the Culinology® Education Foundation, formerly the Research Chefs Foundation, was established to help achieve the RCA mission: Communicate and enhance the value of Culinology® by supporting education, development and recognition of its community of practitioners.

Together, we are making educational opportunities possible for a greater number of students and food industry professionals who are committed to Culinology®.

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Testimonials from scholarship recipients: 


Nathan Smith 
Johnson & Wales University 
2012 Higher Education Scholarship Recipient

“This scholarship will help me achieve my goal of slowly yet consistently adjusting the foodservice industry towards a healthier and more sustainable system, as well as facilitate future academic endeavors.”


Christin Kohloff 
Kerry Ingredients and Flavors 
2012 Continuing Education Scholarship Recipient

“Though already CCS certified, I will use this scholarship to continue my pursuit of a degree in Culinary Arts.”


Rosanda Williams
Valencia College
2012 Michele Block Memorial Fund Scholarship Recitpient

“This scholarship will help me realize my goal of becoming a Research Chef with the skills and knowledge necessary to be a future leader in Food Research and Development.“


Thomas Rodda
University of Minnesota
2012 Bill "Pops" Hahne Memorial Fund Scholarship Recipient

“I can't wait to use this award to further explore the Culinary Arts.”


Kassandra Olivier
California State University-Pomona
2012 CuliNex Organic and Natural Foods Culinology® Scholarship Recipient

“With this scholarship, I'll be able to continue furthering my education in Culinology® and acquire the tools necessary to make my post-graduation endeavors a reality.”


Yu-Shu Tseng
Orange Coast College
2012 Gum Technology Corporation Hydrocolloids Culinology® Scholarship Recipient

“This scholarship not only will help alleviate a financial burden, but also further motivate me to venture even more into hydrocolloid applications.”


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