25th Anniversary


Scholarship Recipients
Meet Melinda Russell
2018 Recipient of the Tyson Scholarship


Melinda Russell is currently a pursuing her master's degree at Clemson University, where she recently completed her undergraduate degree in Food Science and Technology with an emphasis in Culinology®. When asked about what she was looking forward to prior to serving two consecutive terms as the RCA Student Committee Chair from 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, Melinda said,
"I am excited to get RCA students involved. I want to help students become leaders by getting them involved in organizing activities in their respective regions."
Meet Christian Serrato, CCS
2009 Recipient of the Michele Block Scholarship
Christian Serrato, CCS® currently works as a culinary scientist at Roskam Baking Company. When asked about his position and how he has found value with the RCA, he said,
"Since I joined the RCA as a student member and now as a professional, I’ve been inspired to branch out and network with research chefs, food scientist, and engineers. I'm constantly wearing my creative/forward thinking hat, which fuels my passion each day."

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Meet Kaylee Ryker
2011 Recipient of the CuliNex Culinology Scholarship

KayLee Ryker 2.jpg

Kaylee Ryker is a senior scientist at Kerry in Beloit, Wisconsin supporting the meals applications team. Kaylee also owns and operates a small Farmer's Market business called Wildflour and Wheat which produces scratch made baked goods that are sold at the local market. When asked how earning the  scholarship helped her get to where she is now Kaylee said,
"The scholarships helped in numerous ways. Of course, the monetary amounts helped me pay for my schooling and relocate to a new area. But most importantly, they gave me a boost of confidence, which was most welcome, when starting a new and exciting path."
Meet Amadeaus Driando Ahnan
2018 Recipient of the Bill "Pops" Hahne Memorial Fund Scholarship
Amadeaus Ahnan, or Ando for short, is currently pursuing his PhD in Food Science at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Ando is a founder-coordinator of the Indonesian Tempe Movement, a movement aiming to give more access to affordable, sustainable, and nutritious protein source by promoting tempe, an Indonesian fermented food.  When asked how the scholarship will help achieve his professional goals, Ando said, 
"Starting a new life in the US from Indonesia over the past three years has taught me a great life lesson, that truly significant professional development can only be achieved through professional recognition, connection, and resource (including financial) flexibility to take risk in picking up opportunities. This scholarship will provide all those three key aspects."

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2020 Scholarship Recipients
Tyson Foods Scholarship
Cathryn Quer-Ern Choe, Taylor's University

Michele Block Memorial Fund Scholarship
Millena O'Neill, Clemson University

Bill “Pops” Hahne Memorial Fund Scholarship
Ayesha Arshad, Taylor's University

Legacy Scholarship
Dana DeRiancho, Louisiana State University