RCA Culinology® Expo Product Award

RCA is pleased to bring back the Culinology® Expo Product Award in which exhibitors can introduce new products and services to the RCA membership at RCA Culinology® Expo. The product or service could be an ingredient, prepared food service product, or packaged consumer good. Attendees at the Culinology® Expo will vote on their favorite exhibitor product, and the winning company will be presented with the Culinology® Expo Product Award.

This program recognizes and promotes new and innovative products in the food industry. Introduce a new product, build your company’s brand and drive traffic to your booth with this program. Plus, your company can participate in this program for free.

Stay tuned – 2020 nominations will open Winter of 2019. 

How It Works

Take advantage of this free offer to get involved and enter your product or service in the running for the RCA Culinology® Expo Product Award. By submitting your entry, your product or service is entitled to receive the additional exposure detailed below before and during 2019 RCA Conference:

Before the Conference:

New products will be promoted in an email blast to all registered attendees, announcing your participation and describing your new product or service. Each listing will include company name and booth number as well as the product/service name, a 50-word description and key features.

At RCA Conference:

  • New product signage placed in your booth
  • Highlight in the conference programs having a new product on display
  • Voting will take place at the RCA membership booth at The RCA Conference

Eligibility Requirements
(Up to two new products per company)

Your product or service must adhere to the following two (2) requirements:

  • Must not have had any exposure at any prior RCA conference
  • Must have been officially announced or released in or after March 2018
    Enhancements or upgrades to an existing product or service are permitted.

Stay tuned – 2020 nominations will open Winter of 2019. 

Please reach out to rca@culinology.org with any questions regarding the awards programs or nominations process.