Join RCA

The Research Chefs Association is a diverse, collaborative, and engaged collection of professionals dedicated to elevating food product development. Our membership includes chefs, food scientists, R&D professionals and others involved with the product development and innovation. We also have a strong membership with professionals who support product development, such as marketers, researchers and consultants.

Joining RCA gives you access to this network of professionals, as well as unique opportunities to expand and develop your career for greater success.

How an RCA Membership Works

The RCA membership term begins on July 1 of every year, and expires on June 30 of the following year. You receive a renewal notice from RCA headquarters in May of each year reminding you to renew for the upcoming year.

You may also add an RCA membership when you register for our Annual Conference.

Unfortunately, RCA does not offer pro-rated memberships at this time.

How Do I Join?

Applying for membership is a quick, online process. Simply click here, and follow the instructions to create a new account and join the association. There are several membership categories, each with corresponding dues rates. If needed, you may also join by contacting RCA Headquarters

Who Belongs to RCA?


Research chefs, corporate executive chefs, independent chefs, pastry chefs, hotel chefs, R&D and test kitchen chefs, product development chefs, innovation directors, food and beverage directors, caterers, manufacturers and consultants.

Food Science Professionals

Food scientists, technologists, research specialists, chemists, consultants, flavorists, manufacturers, directors of operations, lab technicians, product development managers, nutritionists and dietitians.

Educators & Students

Deans, administrators, professors, instructors and students of culinary arts, food, science and Culinology® programs.

Business Professionals

Sales, marketing and distribution professionals.


Publishers, editors, authors, researchers and public relations professionals


Contact RCA Headquarters.