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Keynote Presentations

Food Across Generations 



Augusto Schreiner, Instructor, Art of Cooking School 

Andreas Schreiner, Founding Partner and Managing Director, Pubbelly Restaurant Group

Father and son duo, Augusto and Andreas Schreiner helped attendees discover the power behind a shared passion for food. This motivational keynote started where the story began: at the family’s business Augusto’s Cuisine in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where chef Augusto mentored his son to learn the ropes of the restaurant business. This passion inspired Andreas to go into the hospitality industry and lead to the creation of the “The Pubbelly Group” in Miami, Florida. 

Meet Augusto Schreiner

Augusto began his culinary career at the renowned Cafe Glockenspiel in Salzburg. In 1969, he won both a Gold Medal and a Jury Grand Prize at the Austrian National Apprentice Competition as well as the Ehrenpreis from the Bundesministerium for Commerce and graduated with top honors from the Salzburg Culinary School. His top professional experiences include Executive chef of the Condado Beach-La Concha Hotel, Executive Chef of the Caribe Hilton and owner of his own Restaurant Augusto's Cousine until 2001. In 1984 he was the Executive Chef tapped for the State Dinner during the Royal Visit of the King of Spain. Augusto serves as Advisory Board Member of the International School of Tourism and Hospitality UNE and Director of the Caribbean Culinary Consulting. This year, he will be presenting with his son, Andres.


Meet Andreas Schreiner

Andreas learned the ropes of the restaurant business during his teenage years while working with his father at their family’s popular fine-dining concept Augusto’s Cuisine in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Schreiner pursued a degree in Hospitality Management, graduating from Florida International University; he later pursued a Masters’ degree in Business Administration from NOVA Southeastern University. His post graduate career took him through four countries and a four career-move growth with the Hyatt and later Four Seasons Hotel Group – Palm Beach, Miami, Bahamas and Costa Rica. He joined forces with culinary mavens Jose Mendin and Sergio Navarro to open an Asian-inspired gastropub, Pubbelly. Their popularity quickly birthed concept two, then three and then to the city’s fastest growing restaurant empire, The Pubbelly Group. In addition to his responsibility of running day-to-day operations for all of their brands, Schreiner also handles the company’s growth and development, seeking out new ventures to expand the brands reach.


Culinary X-Ray Vision


Ali Bouzari, Culinary Scientist, Co-Founder and CSO at Pilot R+D

Scientists spend so much time down in the depths of reductive food science that they often lose touch with the more complex, tactile realities of food. Chefs, on the other hand, expend a lot of energy cranking through countless ways to fix a problem when they really just need a look at the moving parts beneath the surface of food. The keynote focused a culinary superpower that serves as a practical bridge between those two worlds.

Meet Ali Bouzari, Ph.D.

Ali Bouzari is a culinary scientist, author, educator, and co-founder of Pilot R+D, a culinary research and development company based in northern California. As a chef with a Ph.D. in food biochemistry, Ali has helped to lead the charge in changing the way we think about cooking by teaching and developing curriculum at top universities, from ivy league schools to the Culinary Institute of America, and collaborating with the country’s most innovative restaurants including Benu, Eleven Madison Park, The Restaurant at Meadowood, and the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group. His book, Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food, was published by Ecco on September 27, 2016.


"I'm presenting at the conference to try and give two potent reservoirs of creativity and insight — chefs and scientists — another way of speaking the same language."

Ali Bouzari, Ph.D. 

Refining Your Brand Perception Through Culinary Innovation


Neville Craw, Brand Executive Chef & Vice President Culinary Innovation, Arby's Inc. 

Neville Craw provided a first preview of two new innovative products for Arby’s. Attendees gained all exclusive access and see what prototypes worked and which failed. The session gave attendees a look at TV commercials and photoshoots for Arby’s and insight on how corporate food organizations develop new items for consumers.

Meet Neville Craw

Neville serves as Brand Executive Chef & Vice President Culinary Innovation at Arby's Inc. Neville became a member of the Arby's team in August 2004 and has a breadth of experience both in chain account and manufacturing product development. After attending the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, he served for several fine-dining restaurants in Boston and San Francisco. Neville also serves as the Director of Product Development and Innovation at Arby's, making him a leader in culinary R&D trends.

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