Culinary/Baking Skills and Applications

Domain Description

The culinary and baking domain encompasses all things related to food and/or the act of cooking. This domain includes sessions that address all levels of culinary and baking skills, with emphasis on techniques and applications. The educational content in this domain will provide learnings that address application of the appropriate culinary techniques in a variety of commercial functions, ranging from ‘Gold Standard’ recipe development to bench top formulation, and more.


  • Knowledge of Allergens and Food Intolerances
  • Knowledge of Baking and Pastry
  • Knowledge of Candies and Confectionaries
  • Knowledge of Charcuterie
  • Knowledge of Competitive Products and Competitive Product Analysis
  • Knowledge of Culinary Fundamentals and Production Systems
  • Knowledge of Culinary Uses and Applications of Products
  • Knowledge of Flavor Building (e.g., top, mid and base notes; fond, stock, cooking method, seasoning)
  • Knowledge of Food Safety Practices and HACCP
  • Knowledge of Food Sanitation (including prevention of foodborne illnesses, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Food Service Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Tools
  • Knowledge of Food Service/Commercial Kitchen Operations (i.e., front and back of the house, various types of establishments)
  • Knowledge of Formula and Recipe Development (ratios; e.g., percent vs. per batch, yield)
  • Knowledge of Ingredient Procurement (i.e., how choices affect purchasing, for example seasonality, cost, developing product specifications)
  • Knowledge of Menu Engineering
  • Knowledge of Multicultural Product Requirements (e.g., Kosher, Halal)
  • Knowledge of Principles of Cooking (e.g., heat transferCore Competency, cooking methods, breading/batters
  • Knowledge of Purchasing (e.g., finance management, vendor management)
  • Knowledge of Regional and World Cuisines (including preparation, spicing and presentation)
  • Knowledge of Traditional Stocks and Sauces
  • Knowledge of Weigh and Measurement Conversions