Regional Event Sponsorships

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Please make your check out to RCA and mail to: RCA PO Box 772936 Chicago, IL 60677-2936

Carolinas Sponsorship

Region Includes: North Carolina, South Carolina 

Regional Chairs include Mark Susz.   


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North Central Sponsorship

Region Includes: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska,
North Dakota and South Dakota

Regional Chairs are Colby Darling and Charlie Lucas.

ColbyDarling.jpg   CharlieLucas.jpg

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Central Sponsorship

Region Includes: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan,
Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia

Regional Chair coming soon!

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Ontario Sponsorship

Region Includes: Ontario

Regional Chairs are Liz Chan and John Shackelford.


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Greater Arkansas-NWA Sponsorship

Region Includes: Arkansas

Regional Chair is Alexa McKay.


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Pacific Southwest Sponsorship

Region Includes: Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico, Southern California and Southern Nevada 

Regional Chair is Jeff Crace.


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Gulf Coast Sponsorship

Region Includes: Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi 

Regional Chair is Paul Rockwell.


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Pacific Northwest Sponsorship

Region Includes: Alaska, Idaho, Northern Nevada, Oregon and Washington  

Regional Chair is Travis Bettinson.


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Kansas/Missouri Central Sponsorship

Region Includes: Kansas and Missouri

Regional Chair is Kurt Stiles.


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Rocky Mountain Central Sponsorship

Region Includes: Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming 

Regional Chair is Gavin Estes.


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Midwest — Chicagoland Sponsorship

Region Includes: Wisconsin and Illinois

Regional Chair is Anne Druschitz.


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Mid-Atlantic Sponsorship

Region Includes: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, 
and Washington, D.C.

Regional Chair is Barton Dewing.


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New England Sponsorship

Region Includes: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont 

Regional Chair is Susanna Tolini.


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South Eastern Sponsorship

Region Includes: Alabama and Georgia

Regional Chair coming soon!

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New York Metro Sponsorship

Region Includes: New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania 

Regional Chairs are Nate Schomers & Bill Cawley.

Schomers.jpg   Cawley.jpg

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South Central Sponsorship

Region Includes: Texas and Oklahoma

Regional Chair coming soon!

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Northern California Sponsorship

Region Includes Northern California

Regional Chair coming soon!

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