RCA Professional Advisory Program

RCA student members are the future of the culinary arts and food sciences industry, and as a professional member, you can make a positive impact on their development by participating in the RCA Professional Advisory Program.

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The RCA Professional Advisory Program is designed to match RCA student members with RCA professionals who are interested in giving back. RCA professionals will have the opportunity to help students transition into the industry by providing education, leadership development skills and professional guidance. The benefits of serving as a RCA Professional Advisor include, but are not limited to:

Giving Back

Pass down your professional knowledge, experience and advice to emerging food industry professionals.

Providing Clarity

Not all RCA students are confident with their career path, and some are unaware of the scope of professional jobs in the industry. Prepare students by providing clarity around unanswered questions and empowering them to make decisions that are fit for their needs and goals.


If you make a difference in the lives of RCA students; then they can make a difference in yours. Students will be asked to share a reflection with you about their learning and growth in the program, and the impact you have made on their lives.

And more!

This six-month pilot program is designed to be flexible, for both students and professionals, and low-commitment. Schedule a call for a time frame that works best for the both of you, for as little or as much time as needed.

The goals of the Professional Advisory Program are to help RCA students achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Enhance students’ leadership skills
  • Review resumes and provide suggestions for improvement
  • Provide career guidance and support for students who are finding their career path
  • Show students the best ways to network in the industry
  • Advise students on how to stand out when searching for internships and job opportunities

Expectations and Timeline

If you are interested in participating, please, fill out the respective application below by Friday, November 2. Students will be notified of their advisor(s) by Friday, November 9. Students and professional advisors will also receive an outline of topics and learning objectives to help facilitate discussions; however, students are encouraged to come with additional questions. An on-boarding webinar will take place early November. 

The deadline to submit an application has passed. 

If you have any questions, please contact RCA Professional Adviser Program Coordinator Tori Clucas at