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Wednesday, March 15

President's Address

President’s Address – RCA 2017

Keynote Presentation

Food Across Generations
Augusto Schreiner, Instructor, Art of Cooking School
Andreas Schreiner, Founding Partner and Managing Director, Pubbelly Restaurant Group

Wednesday Keynote  – RCA 2017

Regional Lunch

Regional Lunch – RCA 2017


Wednesday Networking – RCA 2017

Breakouts & General Session

Speaking Culinology® - Culinology® in Our Business
Janet Carver, Senior Manager, Culinology Group & Food Pilot Plant, Ingredion; Jeff Cowles, Director Culinary Sales, Sugar Creek Foods; Scott Walnofer, Director of Culinary Foodservice, Kerry

Wednesday Breakout & General Sessions  – RCA 2017

Opening Reception

Opening Reception – RCA 2017

Thursday, March 16


Thursday Breakfast – RCA 2017

Keynote Presentation 

Culinary X-Ray Vision
Ali Bouzari, Ph.D., Culinary Scientist, Co-Founder and CSO at Pilot R+D

Thursday Keynote – RCA 2017

General Session 

Home Kit Deliveries - Developing for the Convenience of Portions for Consumers
Mario Valdovino, Corporate Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Innovation Research and Development, Tyson Foods, Inc.

Thursday General Session – RCA 2017


Student Competitions – RCA 2017

Culinology® Expo  

Culinology® Expo – RCA 2017

Expo Hall Breakout Sessions  

Expo Breakout Sessions – RCA 2017

Evolution of Food Waste Product Development Competition   

Evolution of Food Waste Product Development Competition – RCA 2017

Town Hall & Speaker/Sponsor Reception 

Town Hall & Speaker/Sponsor Reception  – RCA 2017


Afterglow – RCA 2017

Friday, March 17

Keynote Presentation

Refining Your Brand Perception Through Culinary Innovation
Neville Craw, Brand Executive Chef & Vice President Culinary Innovation, Arby's Inc.  

Friday Keynote – RCA 2017


Friday Networking – RCA 2017

General Session

Snacking; It's Not a Category, It's a Behavior
Lynn Dornblaser, Director of Innovation & Insight, Mintel


Friday General Session – RCA 2017

Breakout Sessions

Friday Breakout Sessions – RCA 2017

Awards Reception

Awards Reception – RCA 2017