2021-2022 RCA Committees

RCA Committees are organized under three strategic 'pillars' of People, Knowledge, and Message. The Nominations and Board Development Committee and RCA's Affiliated Corporations are organized independently of these pillars.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the elected RCA president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and immediate past president and is chaired by the president.

People: Broaden and engage the RCA community


Sara Menard, Co-Chair

Chip Potter, Staff Liaison


Jessica Goldstein, Co-Chair

Jeff Crace, Co-Chair

Chip Potter, Staff Liaison

Conference Planning

Nick Landry, Team Lead

Laura Penning, Staff Liaison

Conference Programming

Nick Landry, Co-Chair

Erin Goblirsch, Staff Liaison


Jeff Crace, BOD Lead

Andrew Haigh, Staff Liaison

Conference Marketing

Haley Carson, Staff Liaison


Chip Potter, Staff Liaison

Jackie Janus, Staff Liason

Conference Awards

Chip Potter, Staff Liason

Knowledge: Provide for the professional exchange of information


Anne Druschitz, Co-Chair

Rose Trout, Co-Chair

Erin Goblirsch, Staff Liaison

Higher Education

Rose Trout, Co-Chair

Erin Goblirsch, Staff Liaison

Brand Oversight Council

Justin Kanthak, Team Lead

Haley Carson, Staff Liason

Culinology® Editorial Advisory Board

Kristin Frankiewicz, Staff Liason

Message: Communicate the benefits of the RCA

Marketing and Content Committee

Justin Kanthak, Chair

Haley Carson, Staff Liaison

RCA Student Committee (RCASC)

Kyle Stuart, Chair

Chip Potter, Staff Liaison


Catherine Proper, Co-Chair

Dolf DeRovira, Board Representative

Chip Potter, Staff Liaison

RCA Certification Commission (RCACC)

Karl Marsh, RCACC Chair

Chip Potter, Staff Liaison

Liz Dombrowski, Staff Liason

Culinology® Education Foundation (CEF)

Joy Isaacs, Foundation President

Chip Potter, Staff Liason

Diversity and Inclusion

Justin Kanthak, Board Representative

Gerrie Bouchard, Board Representative

Sara Menard, Board Representative

Kyle Stuart, Board Representative

Anne Druchitz, Board Representative

Kimberly Schaub, Board Representative

Wiley Bates, Board Representative

Chip Potter, Staff Liason

Global Expansion Committee

Justin Kanthak, Support

Robert Dahni, Support

Chip Potter, Staff Liaison 

Advisor to the Board

Allen Freed