2023 Candidate Elections Coming Soon!

The RCA Board of Directors Call for Applications is now open.

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 The NBDC Committee's Mission

Solicit and recruit candidates based on stated eligibility requirements

Evaluate potential candidates against current and future needs of the board

Present slate of nominees

Assure leadership development

Advise president and board of directors of potential appointments in the event of vacancies

Call for Candidates is now Open.

How To Become
An RCA Board


For two-year terms beginning Spring 2023

Congratulations for making the decision to run for a position on the RCA Board of Directors! The RCA needs strong and dedicated members to join the Board of Directors. As an RCA Director you will help set and implement the strategic direction for the RCA and bring value to all members.

Here are the steps to become an RCA Board member:

1. Call for Applications

2. Important Considerations

3. Interview Process

4. Becoming a Slated Candidate

5. The Membership Election

To be included in the RCA Board election process, you must complete the following documents:

RCA Board Member Application Form
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Personal Biography and a personal Vision Statement for the role and future of the RCA that describes how you will contribute to the RCA’s growth. (guidance is included on the application form)

Confirmation letter showing employer’s support
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Headshot photograph

Recommendation letter from employer or RCA Board member

These documents must be delivered via email to RCA headquarters by Friday, January 27, 2023.


RCA Board

 December 19, 2022 Announce call for Board applications
 January 27, 2023 Board candidate application deadline
 February 13, 2023 Candidates announced to RCA membership on website and voting opens
 February 28, 2023 Voting closes
 March 6, 2023 Notify candidates of results.
 March 13, 2023 Announce new Board of Directors

 A new board member orientation will take place after announcement of new Board of Directors. Voting rights will commence at the conclusion of the annual business meeting in Spring 2023.



Membership on the RCA Board is an honor reserved for individuals who are eager to support and promote the growth and success of the RCA.

Successful Directors must be willing to commit the time to run a committee and support all work associated with their Board responsibilities. All Directors understand that their role is to promote the overall RCA organization and will put aside personal agendas that are not aligned with RCA’s strategy and mission. They work collaboratively with their peers and are not afraid to put in the time to drive objectives to support the RCA’s long-term success.

Before submitting your application, please understand the following commitments:
  • Time: RCA Directors devote the necessary time and effort to fulfill their duties on the Board. Directors spend 10-15 hours per week on RCA initiatives. This includes your work leading a Committee consisting of volunteer members as well as attending regular Board meetings, either in person or via conference call.
  • Financial: RCA Directors do not receive any stipend or payment for their role on the Board; their expenses are covered by the Directors themselves or by their company. They are responsible for their own travel to attend Board meetings and our annual Conference.
  • Participation: RCA Directors actively participate in Board meetings and demonstrate their presence to RCA membership and the industry. For Board meetings, Directors are expected to be properly prepared by reading and understanding all meeting materials. They are active participants in Board meetings, working collaboratively and in support of their Board peers. The RCA is a self-managed organization and Directors hold significant responsibility to deliver initiatives.

Newly-elected members will sign the RCA Board Members Performance Agreement, which outlines the expectations and responsibilities of an RCA Board member. It’s important both you and your employer have a clear understanding of the commitment and importance of your role as a Board member.



Each candidate will be interviewed via phone by a member of the RCA Nomination and Board Development Committee (NBDC). You will be asked questions to confirm your qualifications, along with a review of your Personal Biography and Vision Statement. The NBDC member will ask questions about your past and current involvement in the RCA and your committee interest. You will be asked to confirm your commitment to joining the Board, including time, meeting attendance and financial obligations to attend meetings and activities.

Evaluation Criteria

The NBDC looks at a variety of criteria to determine your qualification for the Board:
  • Ability to manage/run a committee and deliver on committee objectives
  • Record of attendance at RCA Conferences, education programs and events
  • Leadership, service and performance on RCA committees
  • Service to RCA in non-committee capacities, such as regional programs
  • Professional experience and relevance to Board membership
  • Skills, experience and professional affiliation to ensure a balanced Board membership
  • Membership status (you must be a fully-paid member of RCA to be eligible)
  • Demonstrated leadership, communication, strategic thinking and motivational skills
  • Understanding of the Board role, organizational mission, and association objectives
  • Confirmation of commitment (two-year term, support from employer, letters of recommendation)

Please note: Per current RCA Bylaws, the number of Board members employed by the same company is limited to one (including immediate past president).

Becoming a Slated Candidate

The NBDC finalizes a slate of candidates for members to vote, including at least one candidate for each open seat on the Board. The NBDC assesses the applications based on the Applicant Evaluation Criteria and determines a final election ballot. As a result of this process, there is a chance you will not be selected as a candidate for the Board.

Slated candidates will be presented to RCA membership for election. Membership voting begins in January, and winning candidates are notified by March.

The Membership

The RCA membership will receive the Board ballot and will select Board members to fill the open positions. Upon voting closure Board members are notified of the results by the NBDC.

If elected, new Board members are required to attend a New Board Member Orientation meeting. You may also attend RCA Board meetings as an observer prior to your term start; pending board meeting schedules. You are free to observe in these meetings, but you will not vote on any decisions brought before the Board.

Your two-year term as a full voting Board member begins in the Spring of 2023; pending board meeting timing.


If you have any questions about the election process or your application, please contact any Nominations and Board Development (NBDC) member via email: info@culinology.org

Catherine Proper: NBDC Chair

Dolf DeRovira: NBDC Committee Member

Nicklas Frolander: NBDC Committee Member

Melinda Russell: NBDC Committee Member